LWENGO DISTRICT PLANNING DEPARTMENT REPORT Introduction  Planning Department was created effective 1st July 2017 after upgrading the original Planning Units to department status in all districts across the country. MANDATE: The mandate of the Planning Department is to strengthen Coordination, Efficiency and Effectiveness in Development Planning and Reporting at District and Lower Local Government levels. GOAL: To provide technical support to all district departments, sectors and lower local governments while developing and implementing their plans to ensure that coordinated and sustainable development is achieved. This focuses on attainment of improved service delivery for socio-economic development of the people of Lwengo. Achievements of the Department in the 2nd Quarter of Financial Year 2020/2021 • Coordinated and held District TPC meetings for October, November and December • Implemented the first phase of the Lwengo District Planning Project with support from the GIZ-CUSP(Stakeholders meetings, Statistical Abstract, Review of the DDP II, Combined review meetings) • Submitted the District 1st Quarterly Performance report for FY 2019/20 to Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Local Government • Collected data, coordinated and submitted the District Statistical for Planning • Supported Lower Local Governments in finalizing their DDEG workplans • Prepared and issued out short birth notifications using the Mobile Vital Registration System. • Updated the District Population Action and submitted it to National Population Council Challenges faced by the Department o Departments do not submit reports to the Planning unit on time and the reports submitted are always incomplete. o The PBS used for reporting and Budgeting has not yet stabilized o The IFMS delays requisitions thus gravely affecting service delivery o In LLGs Planning is not prioritized thus poor budgeting and reporting. o Departments do not submit data to the Planning unit o The planning has no funds to collect Primary Data By Barigye Nicholas District Plannner 0783105868